List Of 20 Accredited Online GED Programs

Here is an overview of accredited online GED programs that are listed on the GED Testing Service website. GED Testing Service certified all these online courses to be fully aligned with today’s GED test.

Currently, 20 trusted publishers have developed online curriculum materials that are 100% aligned with the GED® test.

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To become a GED Testing Service trusted publisher, each of these companies needed to get through a certification process performed by ProCert Labs.

ProCert Labs specializes in quality assurance of educational products for some of the world’s most reputable companies. Its client roster includes Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, Intuit, and GED Testing Service, the official organization behind the GED exam.

Each of the 20 online publishers listed on the website of proved its ability to perform in critical areas, such as curricula development and student learning. It goes without saying that it requires a lot of work and time to meet the ProCert certification standards.

Why Does ProCert Certification Matter?

Taking an accredited course gives students the assurance that they are not wasting their time, money, and hope on courses or programs that are not accurately in line with the current GED test.

Preparing for the GED exam is an investment of time, money, and hope. You are going to spend hours studying and being away from your family. You also are going to spend money on a preparatory course and taking the four GED sub-exams.

All that work, time, and money should give you what you paid for, right?

That’s why taking an online course that’s certified by a specialist in quality assurance of educational products (such as ProCert) is essential.

ProCert ensures that GED courses that received certification have a high level of instructional integrity and that the GED exam objectives are met.

Another important benefit is that GED students have the possibility of quick identification of their skills and/or knowledge gaps.

When students take the GED Ready® test, they receive a report highlighting their skill gaps. Then, they can choose one of the listed certified programs and get an overview of lessons to learn.

This great feature gives students a blueprint for improving their GED scores and saving test preparation time.

What is the GED Ready Test?

What is the GED Ready test? The GED Ready test is actually the only practice test that will predict if you are ready to sit for the actual GED exam. For each of the GED sub-exams, there is a GED Ready test, so four in total.

In a number of states, you are required to attain satisfactory results on this practice test before you can sit for the real exam.

As said before, the GED test consists of four separate and independent modules or sub-tests; there are four GED Ready tests.

You can buy GED Ready vouchers that are good for one of these four official practice tests on

When you take this practice test, your score is assigned to one of the three zones: “Likely to pass” (when you get 159 and above), “Too close to call” (when you score between 143 and 158), and “Unlikely to pass” (when you score in the 100-142 range).

List of Accredited Online GED Courses

The list of 20 accredited online GED courses includes big names such as Kaplan (1.3 billion revenue) or McGraw-Hill (1.54 billion revenue), but also smaller publishers such as Onsego or Essential Ed (revenue unknown).

So students can choose the program that fits their needs best.

Here is a list of these companies, and while we encourage you to make an informed decision that is good for you, we recommend Onsego Prep. This program allows us to publish 120 lessons free of charge on our website.

Recommended Accredited Online GED Course: Onsego Online GED Prep

The full list

  • Onsego
  • Kaplan
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • New Readers Press
  • Apex Learning
  • Cambridge Educational Services
  • Aztec Software
  • Edgenuity
  • Edmentum
  • ed2go
  • Odysseyware
  • Paxen Publishing
  • Essential Ed
  • I-Pathways
  • Peterson Publishing
  • Random House
  • KET
  • Mometrix
  • Pearson MyFoundations Lab
  • REA

In conclusion, if you are preparing for the GED test, choosing an online program that is accredited is a smart idea. Use this list to find a program that will help you get ready for your test quickly and stress-free.

Take also a look at our page about 27 GED online prep habits. For success on the GED exam, you really should follow these guidelines and work toward your GED diploma in an organized way with a decent study plan.

Computer-Based GED Testing

The GED test is an entirely computer-based test. In our contemporary employment market, there is hardly any job opening that doesn’t require applicants to command at least basic computer and keyboarding skills. This also applies to entry-level jobs. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the GED exam must be taken fully on a computer.

Last Updated on February 15, 2024.