GED Classes Brockton, Massachusetts

This article includes an overview of GED or HiSET prep locations and testing sites in the Brockton area. In Massachusetts, there are two options for high school equivalency testing: the HiSET and GED exams.

Both tests can be taken online and at state-approved testing centers.

Online GED Classes

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The assessments offer adults who did not complete high school the opportunity to get hold of an equivalent degree.

The GED® exam is entirely computerized and has four separate subject tests (modules) in

  • Math
  • Language
  • Social Studies
  • Science

You don’t need to take all four GED subtests in one session. You can take the four modules one at a time.

The HiSET® has five tests. The Language section has separate writing and reading tests. The HiSET modules can also be taken separately.

GED testing is done entirely on a computer, whereas the HiSET is offered both on a computer and on paper.

Online GED Classes – Fast and Easy

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Both tests had to be taken at an official Massachusetts testing site. There was no online option available, but that has now changed with new options to take the tests online as well. Learn more below.

If you wish to learn all about Massachusetts eligibility criteria, GED and HiSET passing scores, or testing fees, check out “The GED Test In Massachusetts.”

Brockton GED Prep Locations

Massasoit Community College
1 Massasoit Blvd | Brockton | MA 02302 | Ph: (508) 588.9100 ext. 1991

Brockton Adult Learning Ctr.
211 Crescent Street | Brockton | Massachusetts 02302 | Ph (508) 580-7475  or (774) 517-7188 (Cell)

Brockton Area Private Industry Council (BAPIC)
629 Centre St | Brockton | MA 02302 | Ph: (508) 584.1888

Training Resources America
231 Main St | Suite 302 | Brockton | MA 02301 | Ph: (508) 587.6115

YouthBuild Brockton (@Old Colony YMCA)
60 Skinner St | Brockton | MA 02301 | Ph: (508) 894-2816

Brockton Educational Center for Adults (BECA)
243 Court St | Brockton | MA 02302 | Ph: (508) 588-4646

GED MA Requirements

Locations around Brockton (Cities in Alphabetic Order)

Boston Ctr for Youth and Families GED or HiSET Instruction
1483 Tremont St | Boston | Massachusetts 02120 | Ph: (617) 635.4920
Check out all Boston GED prep facilities <- here

Massasoit Community College-Canton
900 Randolph St | Canton | Massachusetts 02021 | Ph: (508) 588-9100 (ext 1991)

Blue Hills Regional Technical School
800 Randolph St | Canton | Massachusetts 02021 | Ph: (781) 298-3111
GED and HiSET classes are held at 322 Sprague St | Dedham | MA 02026

Blue Hills Adult Education HiSET Classes
322 Sprague St | Dedham | Massachusetts 02026 | Ph: (781) 298-3111

Randolph Community Partnership, Inc. (@Randolph High)
70 Memorial Pkwy | Randolph | MA 02368 | Ph: (781) 961.8888

Rockland Regional Adult Learning Center
52 Mackinlay Way | Rockland | MA 02370 | Ph: (781) 871.8410

Stoughton Adult Education (@Stoughton High)
232 Pearl St | Stoughton | Massachusetts 02302 | Ph (781) 341-5183

Weymouth Sylvan Ed. Center
646 Middle St | Weymouth | Massachusetts 02189 | Ph (781) 247.5402

Massachusetts Free Online GED or HiSET Classes

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has announced that the state will cover the cost of the GED and HiSET tests. Read more here.

Brockton Area GED Testing Sites

Massasoit Comm. Coll. GED Testing
One Massasoit Blvd | Brockton | Massachusetts 02302 | Ph (508) 588-9100

From here, cities by alphabet

Bristol Community College HiSET Testing
11 Field Rd | Attleboro | Massachusetts 02703 | Ph (774) 357-3978

Massasoit Comm College-Canton (Academic Bldg, Rm 435, HiSET)
900 Randolph St | Canton | Massachusetts 02021 | Ph (508) 588-9100

Perkins Community Center HiSET Testing
155 Talbot Ave | Dorchester | Massachusetts 02124 | Ph (617) 635-4920

Hyde Park Community Center (HiSET Testing)
1179 River St | Hyde Park | Massachusetts 02136 | Ph (617) 635-4920

Mildred Avenue Comm. Center (HiSET Testing)
5 Mildred Ave | Mattapan | MA 02126 | Ph (617) 635-4920

Quincy College HiSET Testing Library, 3rd Floor, Room 322)
1250 Hancock St | Quincy | Massachusetts 02169 | Ph (617) 984-1700/1650

Thomas M. Menino Community Center HiSET Testing
125 Brookway Rd | Roslindale | Massachusetts 02131 | Ph (617) 635-4920

Roslindale Community Center HiSET Testing
6 Cummins Highway | Roslindale | Massachusetts 02131 | Ph (617) 635-4920

Massachusetts GED Practice Test

Introducing Online GED and HiSET Test-Taking Options

Until recently, it was not possible to take the HiSET or GED exam over the Internet. However, that has now changed with the arrival of options to take both exams in an online format as well.

To learn more about the online HiSET exam, check out this post: ‘Introducing the HiSET-At-Home,’ and for more information about the online GED test-taking option, visit this post: ‘The online GED exam.’

GED and HiSET Testing

The HiSET and GED (General Education Development) exams are designed for adults who never completed high school and, when successfully taken, lead to the Massachusetts HSE diploma, which is equivalent to a common high school diploma. Visit GED and HiSET in Massachusetts for qualification requirements, and you may also want o to check out this page that has links to all GED prep programs in America.

GED/HiSET Essay Tips & Samples

The HiSET exam, like the GED, measures students’ skills and knowledge at a level comparable to that of graduating high school seniors, and if you manage to earn your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, you will have a chance to get hold of a decently-paying job and work towards a finer future. Your personal income will grow, your family members will profit, and the economy will benefit as well.

Get your HSE degree and step on the path toward a better life. The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is available in both a paper-based and a computer-based version, whereas the GED is fully computerized.

The certificate that you acquire when you pass the Massachusetts HiSET or GED exam is generally accepted as comparable to a standard high school diploma by state and federal government organizations, employers, and colleges all over the United States.

Obtaining the HSE diploma will result in better job options, and it allows graduates to attend academic programs at institutions of higher education.

The HiSET exam includes five tests in Language Writing, Language Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The HiSET is offered in both paper and computer formats. The GED is only offered computer-based and comes with four independent subtests (modules).

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Last Updated on December 19, 2023.