End Punctuation

When writing, the end punctuation is very important. In this lesson, we will explain how the end punctuation must be used in Standard English.

Writers are choosing specific punctuation marks to show readers where sentences end.


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1. Which end punctuation mark is the appropriate choice for ending the sentence.

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2. Which end punctuation mark is the appropriate choice for ending the sentence.

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Video Transcription

We know several punctuation mark types that are giving the readers differing impressions of the writer’s intentions or purpose in that specific sentence.

If a writer, for example, asks a question, he will be using a question mark (?).

When a writer wishes to make a shocking statement or show excitement, he or she will be using an exclamation point (!).

And, of course, if writers make a more general statement, they will be using the most common form we know of end punctuation: the period (.).

Bear in mind that exclamation points are often overused.

When you write, for example, an email that is filled with exclamation points, the reader might very well think that you’re overexcited, insincerely excited, or shouting.

Practical application

When you’re writing something, always bear in mind how important your end punctuation is because it will affect the reader’s comprehension of what you’re writing.

For instance, when you’re asking a question and forget to use a question mark, your readers might not know whether you want them to respond or whether you just make a statement sounding like a question.

On top of that, if you would be writing a question without using a question mark, your reader may think you are not credible due to the mistake you’ve made.

If you make mistakes like this, you may cause other persons to question your abilities in many areas, not only your writing skills.

This could very well mean the difference between you getting selected for a job interview and that someone else will be selected who may be less qualified but who is writing better and more clearly.

So once again, when you’re writing, end punctuation is crucial. Above is an explanation of how you must use end punctuation in Standard English

Last Updated on February 15, 2024.