GED Classes Easton, Maryland

This page includes an overview of all GED testing sites and prep class locations in the Easton region. To earn your high school equivalency diploma in Maryland, you’ll have to take and pass the four subtests of the GED exam.

You can sit for the GED exam at certified Maryland test centers or in an online format.

Online GED Classes

A simple and easy way of getting your GED diploma.

Learn fast, stay motivated, and pass your GED quickly.

The assessment is for persons who could not complete high school, and this way, they can earn an equivalent degree.

The GED® exam has four separate subtests in the academic sectors of

  • Science
  • English Language
  • Math
  • Social Studies

The exam measures proficiency at a level comparable to that of HS seniors upon graduation.

The GED is modular. You can take the tests (independent modules) separately; no need to prepare for and take all four subtests at once.

Until recently, there was no online GED test option. You were required to report in person to an official Maryland GED test site.

That has now changed, however, with the introduction of an online proctored GED test-taking option. Learn more below.

Go to our page: “The Maryland GED Test,” to learn about Maryland GED qualification criteria, passing scores, or testing fees.

Easton GED Prep Facilities

Talbot County Family Support Center
126 Port St – Easton – Maryland 21601 – Ph: (410) 820.6940

Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center (Chesapeake Coll.)
20 Bay St – Easton – Maryland 21601 – Ph: (410) 829.6043

The Judy Center Adult Education (@Easton Elementary School)
305 Glenwood Ave – Easton – Maryland 21601 – Ph: (410) 822.0689

Talbot County American Job Center (for referral and advice only)
301 Bay St – Easton – Maryland 21679 – Ph: (410) 822.3030

GED Requirements in Maryland

Locations around Easton (Cities in Alphabetic Order)

Michael E. Bush Library (AACC GED Classes)
1410 West St – Annapolis – Maryland 21401 – Ph: (410) 777-1823
More Annapolis area GED prep sites <- can be found in this post

Chesapeake College Cambridge Center
416-418 Race Street – Cambridge – Maryland 21679 – Ph: (410) 829.6043 or (410) 228.5754

Queen Anne’s County Career Center
125 Comet Drive – Centreville – MD 21617 – Ph: (410) 200.1714

Caroline County Career Ctr (Chesapeake Coll.)
300 Market St – Denton – Maryland 21629 – Ph: (410) 829.6043

Chesapeake College Federalsburg Judy Hoyer Center
323 South University Dr – Federalsburg – Maryland 21632 – Phone: (410) 829.6043 or (410) 827.5930

Delaware Tech Comm. College
21179 College Dr – Georgetown – DE 19947 – Ph: (302) 856.9035 (option 2)
For all GED prep locations in the Georgetown area, <- check here

Wor-Wic Community College-Salisbury
32000 Campus Drive – Salisbury – Maryland 21804 – Ph: (443) 669.6373 or (410) 334.2815
You can discover all Salisbury area options here: GED classes in and around Salisbury

Chesapeake College (Continuing Education & Workforce Training)
1000 College Circle – Wye Mills – MD 21679 – Phone (410) 829-6043

Free Maryland Online GED Classes

If a prep facility is overlooked or if any adjustments are needed, please advise us on this page. We value your contributions.

Easton Area GED Testing Locations

Cities by alphabet

Anne Arundel Comm. Coll. Student Union Bldg – Rm: 240
101 College Parkway – Arnold – MD 21012 – Ph (410) 777-2613

College of S. Maryland GED Testing
115 JW Williams Road – Prince Frederick – MD 20678 – Ph (410) 550-6040

Wor-Wic Community Coll GED Testing
2000 Campus Drive – Salisbury – MD 21804 – Ph (410) 334-2843

Seaford Library GED Testing
600 N Market Street Ext. – Seaford – DE 19973 – Ph (302) 629-2524

Warren County Community College (Instructional Support Center, 1st Fl, Rm 106, HiSET)
475 Route 57 West – Washington – NJ 07882 – Ph (908) 835-2354

Polytech Adult Education GED Testing
823 Walnut Shade Road – Woodside – DE 19980 – Ph (302) 697-4545

Chesapeake College GED Classes
100 College Circle – Wye Mills – MD 21679 – Ph (410) 822-5400

Free Maryland GED Practice Test

Online GED Test

Sitting for the four GED subtests over the Internet was, until recently, not possible. To get a hold of your GED credential, you had to come in person, to an official Maryland GED testing site. Online GED testing was simply not available.

Well, that has changed with the arrival of an online, proctored GED testing option. A proctor will use an Internet connection to oversee your GED test-taking activities and check if you act in accordance with the regulations. To learn more, check out this post: The online GED test.

Your Future

The most recent version of the GED exam was introduced by the GED Testing Service, a cooperation of the American Council on Education (ACE) and Pearson, throughout the United States.

The GED exam needs to be revised around every decade to remain a trustworthy measurement of high school equivalency, and when a new GED exam is introduced, the old version is retired.

The GED program is developed for adults who never finished high school and assists them in acquiring a comparable diploma.

The certificate or diploma that you will be given after you have successfully completed the Maryland GED exam is, all across America, accepted as equivalent to a standard high school diploma by employers, official organizations, and colleges.

A secondary education degree (high school diploma or GED certificate) nowadays is absolutely the minimum degree you need for virtually any kind of work, and this level of education is required for admission to institutions of postsecondary education (colleges, universities).

Without a high school or GED diploma, improvement in most career fields is out of the question. So get your GED and do it fast.

GED cost in Maryland

In Maryland, each of the four GED modules costs $14.25, so the entire GED battery is $57, but this is only for first-time testers. The regular GED testing fee is $144, or $36 per sub-exam. Maryland subsidizes $21.75 for 1-st time testers and only for their first attempt at each GED module, be it online or at a testing center.

Maryland will not subsidize retests. To benefit from this discount offer, you should apply the code MDGED2175 upon checkout when scheduling your first attempt. To schedule your tests, you must set up an account on the website.

Retake Policy

In Maryland, GED test-takers may retake any module(s) within the GED test that they already took without any waiting period. Keep in mind, though, that each GED subject module may be taken only three (3) times within one calendar year (January 1-December 31).

To register and pay for the GED subject modules (that can be taken one at a time), learners must set up an account on the official website,, where they can also access job-related and school information.

Last Updated on November 29, 2023.