Equations And Word Problems

Equations & Word Problems are practically always included in the GED Math Test.

These questions may look easy, but it takes a lot of practice if you want to achieve consistency. So let’s begin learning.

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1. Michelle withdraws \(\; $120\) from her bank account. As a result, the new account balance is \(\; $1000\). Find the account balance before the withdrawal.

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2. \(8\) more than a certain number is \(18\). Find the number.

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Here are the needed steps: First, we set up an equation. All solutions to word problems need to include carefully crafted equations that accurately describe the constraints in that problem statement.

Solving the Equation. In the previous step, we always must solve the equation set up.

Then, answer the question. This is an easily overlooked step.

Let me give you an example; the problem may be asking for Jane’s age, but the solution to your equation is giving the age of Liz, Jane’s sister. So be sure you’re answering the initial question that was asked in the problem.

Your solution needs to be written in a sentence that has appropriate units.

For example, Amelie has withdrawn $125 from her savings bank account. Because of this withdrawal, her account’s current balance is now $1,200.

What was the account’s original balance before the withdrawal?

B − 125 = 1200 is the original equation.
B − 125 + 125 = 1200 + 125 (we’ve added 125 to both sides of our equation).
B = 1325 (On the left, by adding 125, we “undo” the subtracting 125 effect, which brings us back to B. On the right side: 1200 + 125 = 1325.

The answer to the question is: The original balance in the account was $1,325.

One more example: A triangle’s perimeter is 114 feet. Two of the triangle’s sides are measuring 30 feet and 40 feet, respectively. What is the measure of the triangle’s third side?

114 = x + 30 + 40 is our equation.
114 = x + 70
114 − 70 = x + 70 − 70 (we subtracted 70 from both sides).
44 = x

On the right side of the equation, subtracting 70 will “undo” the adding 70 effects and bring us back to x.

On the left side: 114 − 70 equals 44.

The answer to the question is:
The unknown triangle side is 44 feet.

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