How Alexa Helps With GED Prep

Did you know that you can use Alexa and Amazon Echo to get prepared for the GED test?

As you know, Alexa and the Amazon Echo devices have the option to enable lots of different “skills” that will extend Alexa’s already amazing capabilities. With Alexa, skills are sort of apps.

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But even when you don’t have the Amazon Echo physical device, you still have the option to use Alexa on your smartphone.

Here, you can also enable these “skills,” so let’s take a closer look at what you can do with some of these skills and how they work.

How to Install (Enable) Alexa Skills

To enable or disable Alexa skills, use a web browser or the Alexa app. Several 3rd-party companies created Alexa skills for you to install, usually free of charge, though you’ll see some options to make some in-skill purchases.

Amazon Echo is a hardware lineup looking like a bunch of displays, Bluetooth speakers, and alarm clocks. But there’s so much more to it. Everything is powered by Alexa, the voice-activated personal assistant from Amazon that listens to and answers your queries and questions.

Echo can turn on smart light bulbs, stream Spotify playlists, add stuff to a shopping list, read the news, order a ride with Uber, tell a joke, give you a wake-up call, relay traffic information, and much, much more…

Let’s take a look at some skills for you to try out:

Math Drills and Math Quiz

This quiz size is adjustable, and so is the difficulty level, ranging from negative and whole numbers to decimal numbers. Here are some features:

  • You can practice your addition & subtraction knowledge
  • The difficulty level can be adjusted from Level 1 up to Level 12
  • You can increase the number of quiz questions from 5 to 25
  • There also is an option to review your earlier results

This skill allows you to put your GED Math knowledge to the test.

Flashcard Practice

This Flashcard Practice Skill will create a random 10-question quiz to test your Math knowledge. This feature (skill) is very helpful for GED students to maintain their academic achievement and GED® Math knowledge.

USA History

With this feature, you will receive the latest updates and news about the History of the USA.

This skill or feature will provide a vast array of highly interesting facts about our nation’s history to brighten up your day. This skill lets you flex with your co-learners or friends whenever there’s an opportunity!

Science Quiz

This interesting Science quiz game lets you choose from multiple topics such as Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, or Genetics. Once you’ve picked out a topic, you’ll be asked to answer ten (10) questions randomly chosen from a vast pool of GED Science questions.

You can replay this quiz again and again, and you can choose a different subject field every time you play it again. Just as with the GED Science practice tests available for free on this website, there are new questions added on a regular basis to this Alexa skill.

Alexa Skills Improve Your Grammar and Boost Your Vocabulary

Grammar Quiz

Alexa’s Grammar Quiz is a great tool to assess your GED English grammar knowledge. The quiz includes questions about sentences from which you are asked to identify adjectives, adverbs, verbs, pronouns, or conjunctions. This truly is a fun game, and each round has five questions. To answer a question, you’ll just have to speak the word.

“Word of the Day” for SAT and GED

Alexa’s “Word of the Day” is actually developed for SAT students, but GED learners can definitely benefit from it as well. This really is a great skill to develop your vocabulary, and it includes spellings, definitions, and sample sentences.

Every day, you’ll find a new word here, so bear in mind that when you have missed a few days, you’ve missed out on some great words! This tool is absolutely a fine help when you’re preparing to take the GED test online or at a state-designated test center.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

Alexa’s Magoosh Vocabulary Builder is a great tool for learning new words. The skill will ask you a question and offer multiple answers to choose from. This is not only an entertaining skill, but it also allows you to boost your vocabulary.

Alexa, Open Jeopardy!

Well, all Jeopardy! categories have “extra” 6th clues, and you may also play these clues on Alexa! With just one voice command, you can test your knowledge every day of the week with new clues.

You can play the same Jeopardy categories that you saw in the most recent episode! You can choose from an enormous range of categories, such as travel, world history, pop culture, sports, and so many more. What a fine help to get a great GED education!

You can experience that true Jeopardy! feeling as you’re responding, just like the contestants on the real show! The exciting “Double Jeopardy!” round is even giving you 6 (six) extra clues on weekdays, plus Sports Jeopardy! and Teen Jeopardy! on Sundays.

To start, simply say the words “Alexa, open Jeopardy,” and start playing. So if you want to enjoy more than 35 seasons of one of the most-watched quiz shows, enable this skill on Alexa and start playing today!

Question of the Day

Every day, Alexa’s “Question of the Day” skill will pose new trivia questions for you. It may be about GED science or literature, or arts and entertainment; you can collect points, earn bonus questions, play against other players, and learn new things, every single day!

In 2020, Alexa’s “Question of the Day” was awarded Project Voice’s Gaming Voice Experience of the Year. This Alexa skill is free, and anyone can play it, collect points, or earn bonuses at no cost at all.

You can also become a “Member of the Trivia Club: and pay a very modest monthly to get your daily Question of the Day PLUS three (3) Challenge Questions every day. You will be able to rank state and national leaderboards, have unlimited access to multi-player Game Packs, and obtain access to exclusive archives. The daily game, however, is totally free to everyone.

This tool is especially helpful for students suffering from test anxiety and who don’t know how to prepare well for the GED exam. Just click on the link to learn more and get some pretty useful testing tips!

School Schedule with Alexa

With Alexa, you can set up your at-home school schedule. You can include study schedules, subjects, reminders, and activities. This is actually a great feature for teachers and student group leaders as they can use it for groups of students, but you, as a GED student, may also benefit from this interesting option. Here’s how it works.

How to set up your student school schedule

  • First, you generate a list of all activities and subjects
  • You can add a new schedule that includes your name, school subject, and class period
  • For each class, enter the start and end times, and also on which day the class is
  • You can also create reminders for class periods
  • You can give the skills a name
  • At any time, you can adjust your schedule
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How to use it:

  • You can receive reminders when your activity or class period begins or ends
  • To listen to Alexa summarizing your school schedule, just say the words “Alexa, open School Schedule”
  • If you want to hear Alexa saying your schedule for any weekday, say, “Alexa, what’s (your name)’s school schedule this Monday? Or Friday?”

As you see, Alexa can be a big help in your GED prep. Don’t miss out on it.

Last Updated on February 14, 2024.