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These free GED Science Lessons are provided by Onsego.

Onsego offers a complete GED Prep Course that GED Testing Service qualifies as 100% aligned with the GED test.

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Topics included are Scientific Practices, Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science.

Along the way, a tutor provides practice challenges and step-by-step solutions so students can check their knowledge.

The GED® Science test must be completed in 90 minutes. There are no breaks.

The topics covered on the Gedeno website will help you understand GED Science questions better. All video lessons contain transcripts and short practice tests.

However, note that our free lessons and practice tests do not address each and every subject found on the GED exam. If this online teaching method appeals to you, you can register for Onsego’s full-scale GED course and become a GED graduate quickly.

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Life Science

HeritageGED Science Lessons

Physical Science

These lessons are a part of our GED Science Guide and are based on Onsego GED Prep.

What’s Included in the GED Science Test?

Life Science, or Biology, includes the fields of Human Body & Health; the Relationship between Energy Intake and Life Functions; Organization, Functions, and Structure of Life; Genetics & Heredity; Evolution.

Physical Science includes Chemistry and Physics. The covered fields are Conservation, Flow, and Transformation of Energy; Work, Force, and Motion; Chemical Properties, and Chemical and Nuclear Reactions in relation to Living Organisms and Systems.

Earth & Space Science includes the fields of Earth, its System Components & Interactions; Earth’s Systems and Interactions with Living Things; Organization and Structures of the Cosmos.

To succeed on the GED Science test, you will need to be able to read complex texts, identify precise details, determine cause and effect, understand science content, and identify evidence to support inferences and draw conclusions.

The Science Test includes a lot of charts and graphs that you will need to interpret, too. On the other hand, you shouldn’t worry too much about unknown Science terms. If you can think logically, you’ll figure that out.

To complete all GED Science questions, you will have 90 minutes. The  GED Science test does NOT include Short Answer items anymore.

You don’t need to know all sorts of details because all the detailed information needed to answer the questions is provided in the stimulus that comes with the questions.

To be successful on the GED® Science test, you should be able to understand basic science concepts and demonstrate knowledge of how scientific systems work.

There’s no need to memorize details. All the detailed information you need for answering the science questions is provided. However, you should understand the big-picture concepts and have a basic knowledge of how systems work.

These lessons are aligned with the Common Core Standards for Science. The Common Core Standards represent the next generation of K–12 standards designed to prepare all students for success in college and careers. These standards are the foundation of the GED test.

Last Updated on February 14, 2024.