GED Texas Practice Test

Our Texas GED® and HiSET® practice tests are free and include 20 sample questions to assess their knowledge of the four GED testing areas: Math, Social Studies, Science, and English Language Arts.

The HiSET exam comes with separate writing and reading subtests, so five overall that can, just like the GED subtests, be taken one at a time.

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This Texas GED practice test resembles the real GED test, and all questions have multiple answer choices.

Select the best answer option on each question, and when you have finished the test, there will be explanations and feedback. Let’s get started.

Question 1 of 20.

Where can a description of U.S. citizens’ civil liberties be found?

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • The preamble to the Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Bill of Rights

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Students that take GED practice tests will discover which GED or HiSET subject areas need most of their attention, and they’ll additionally become familiar with the GED testing format.

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Both the HiSET and the GED can be taken online and at state-approved Texas testing centers. To be eligible to take the GED exam online, candidates must score in the “green” (likely to pass) zone of the GED Ready® test.

One test at a time

Both the GED and HiSET are modular exams meaning that candidates have the choice to sit for one or more GED or HiSET subtests at a time. They don’t have to prepare for and take it all at once.

The Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency is equivalent to a conventional high school degree. The credential is recognized and accepted across North America in lieu of a high school diploma by government agencies, colleges and universities, and employers.

The GED passing score is 145 (out of 200), and this counts for each of the four GED subtests. So the total score cannot be less than 580, and there’s no averaging. The HiSET passing score on each subtest is 8 out of 20, and the overall score cannot be under 45. Additionally, the HiSET Essay score must be at least 2 out of 6.

Who qualifies?

To qualify for the Texas high school equivalency exam, candidates have to be residents of Texas, not already hold a secondary education degree, have government-issued photo IDs, and be at least 18 years old.

Candidates 16 and 17 years old may qualify for HiSET or GED testing as well if they are officially withdrawn from school, have parental approval, and meet some more requirements.

Candidates can also not be registered for any other educational program, and in Texas, both the GED and HiSET exams are available in English and Spanish.


In Texas, the four GED subtests will set you back $145 for the entire GED battery or $36,25 per individual subtest. The full HiSET exam costs 128.75 for computer-formatted testing or $150 for paper-based testing. The HiSET subtests can also be taken one at a time.

In Texas, there’s no requirement to first partake in a GED or HiSET prep course or attend adult education classes, or reach satisfactory scores on a qualification test prior to taking the GED or HiSET exam.

The GED exam is administered fully on a computer, whereas the HiSET can be dealt with in both paper-based and computer-based formats. Paper-based GED testing can only be available to candidates with a disability that prevents them from taking the exam on a computer.


Is the Texas GED test multiple-choice?

Many GED and HiSET questions are still in the multiple-choice format, but you’ll also see questions in different formats such as fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and draggable answer options. Both exams also ask you to produce a 5 to 6-paragraph-long essay.

Is the HiSET easier than the GED in Texas?

Hard to say. Both exams assess proficiency and competencies at a level that compares to what high school grads are supposed to command upon graduation, and the contents of both exams are similar.

Many students, however, report that they find the HiSET Math section slightly less difficult than the Math section of the GED exam.

Do I need to take a practice test before taking the GED exam in Texas?

No, Texas doesn’t require GED or HiSET candidates to first attain satisfactory scores on a practice test or attend a prep course.

The exams are quite challenging, however, so becoming perfectly prepared is really needed for success.

What is the GED passing score in Texas?

There are four GED modules, and on each individual module, you’ll have to attain at least a score of 145. The four GED modules are measured on a scale from 100 to 200. Averaging is no option.

The five HiSET modules are measured on a scale up to 20, and on each module, the minimally required score is 8. Your total score must be in the 45-100 range, and your essay needs to produce at least a 2-score (out of 6).


Last Updated on August 8, 2022.