GED Classes Grand Forks, North Dakota

This article lists all GED testing facilities and prep locations in the Grand Forks region. In North Dakota, you need to pass the GED exam to earn your high school equivalency diploma.

GED testing is possible online and at North Dakota’s official test centers.

Online GED Classes

A simple and easy way of getting your GED diploma.

Learn fast, stay motivated, and pass your GED quickly.

The assessment gives persons who couldn’t graduate high school one more chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED® exam measures knowledge and skills at a level that compares to that of graduating HS seniors.

The GED exam is totally computer-formatted and includes four separate tests in

  • English Language Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science

You can complete the four GED subtests one at a time and in the order of your preference.

In earlier days, online GED testing was never an option. This has changed, though, with the introduction of an online GED testing option. Check below for more information.

North Dakota GED applicants must additionally take and pass a US Civics Exam.

For more details about the North Dakota GED Exam, eligibility criteria, testing fees, or passing scores, visit The GED Test In North Dakota.

Grand Forks GED Prep Classes

Grand Forks Adult Learning Center-Stanford Centre (Grand Forks Community High School)
500 Stanford Road – Grand Forks – North Dakota 58203 – Phone: (701) 795 – 2777

Workforce Center Grand Forks (For Referral and Advice only)
1501 28th Ave South – Grand Forks – ND 58201 – Phone: (701) 795 – 3700

United States Airforce Adult Learning Center
1683 J St – Building 168 – Grand Forks AFB – ND 58205 – Phone: (701) 747 – 5033
Not publicly available

Grand Forks County Correctional Center
1701 North Washington – Grand Forks – ND 58206 – Phone: (701) 780 – 8224
Not publicly available

GED Requirements in North Dakota

Locations around Grand Forks (Cities by Alphabet)

Turtle Mountain Adult & Continuing Education
10145 Bia Rd 7 – Belcourt – ND 58316 – Phone: (701) 477 – 7913/7911

Crookston Adult Basic Education
2015 Sahlstrom Dr – Ste 5 – Crookston – MN 56716 – Phone: (218) 277 . 7334 (Career Force Ctr) or (763) 453 . 0320 (cell)

Lake Region State College-Adult Learning Center
1801 N College Drive – Devils Lake – North Dakota 58301 – Phone: (701) 662 – 1536
The school offers GED instruction as well in Belcourt. To make an appointment, call (701) 477 – 7913.

East Grand Forks Adult Education (Northland Technical & Community College)
2022 Central Ave NW – East Grand Forks – MN 56721 – (218) 793 – 2380

Fargo Adult Education Ctr GED Classes
1305 9th Ave S – Fargo – North Dakota 58103 – Ph: (701) 446 – 2807/2806
All Fargo area GED prep sites <- can be found here

Cankdeska Cikana Comm. College-Adult Education
14 1st. Ave – Fort Totten – North Dakota 58335 – Phone (701) 766 . 1377

Adult Learning Center-Grafton (N. Valley – Vo/Tech Ctr)
1548 School Rd – Grafton – ND 58237 – Phone: (701) 352 – 3705 x 420

James Valley Adult Education
910 12th. Ave NE – Jamestown – North Dakota 58401 – Phone: (701) 252 . 8841 or (701) 845 . 0256

James River Correctional Facility GED Program
2521 Circle Dr – Jamestown – ND 58401 – Ph: (701) 253 . 3660
No public availability

Free North Dakota GED Practice Test

Roseau Adult Education (@Roseau Public Library)
121 Center St E – Roseau – MN 56751 – Phone: (218) 242 – 1596 or (763) 453 – 0316 (cell)

Thief River Falls Adult Learning Center
1101 Hwy. 1 East – Thief River Falls – MN 56701 – Phone: (218) 683 – 8764
Located in Northland Community & Technical College, Adult Learning Center, Room 115.

ABE Warroad
104 Roberts Ave. NE – Warroad – MN 56763 – Phone: (763) 453-0316 (cell)

Free ND online GED prep course

Grand Forks Area GED Testing Centers

Grand Forks Adult Learning Center
500 Stanford Road | Grand Forks | North Dakota 58203 | Phone 701-795-2777

University of N. Dakota GED Testing
2891 2nd Avenue North | Grand Forks | North Dakota 58202 | Phone 701-777-4157

From here, cities by alphabet

Lake Region State College
1801 North College Drive | Devils Lake | North Dakota 58301 | Phone: 701-662-1512

North Valley Career and Technical Center
1540 School Road | Grafton | North Dakota 58237 | Phone 701-352-3705

Candeska Cikana Comm. College GED Testing
214 First Avenue | Fort Totten | North Dakota 58335 | Phone 701-766-4415

Northland CTC
2022 Central Avenue NE | East Grand Forks | Minnesota 56721 | Phone: 218-793-2435

Sheyenne Valley Area College GED Test Center
801 Valley Avenue S.E. | Valley City | North Dakota | 58072 | Phone 701-845-0256

Welcoming the Online GED Option

Sitting for the four GED modules was, until recently, not offered via the Internet. To secure your GED diploma, you needed to come, in person, to one of North Dakota’s state-approved GED testing centers and attain sufficient results on the four GED subtests.

Well, this has fortunately changed with the introduction of an online GED testing option. A proctor oversees your online test-taking activities and whether all is done in accordance with the regulations. To get more information about this interesting new development, visit that page: Introducing the online GED test.

Test Taking Tips

1/ Read as much as you can. Top writers are usually top readers. Reading a lot will improve your vocabulary and grammar in general. Reading frequently will let you discriminate between bad and good writing, will be helpful in finding good methods to formulate your concepts, and will assist you in structuring your essay the right way.

If you read novels, you can improve your writing competencies, and by reading articles, you can discover how you can put information in a more effective and clear structure. If you learn how to read and analyze different articles in magazines in the proper way, you are sure to find the right way to present your information correctly.

2/ Write as much as you can. It is a great help to take a little time to write on a daily basis. You will see that you improve your style of writing if you practice on a regular basis. You also will discover how you can write fast and in a natural way. Show some pride in your work and make it look perfect, and you should not become inaccurate or lazy because there is nobody to grade or judge your essays.

Make your essay as perfect as possible with regard to grammar and spelling, and don’t forget proper punctuation. It is okay to use spelling and grammar-checking devices, but keep in mind that we all might have come to be somewhat lazy by utilizing these devices that not only identify mistakes but also fix our mistakes.

Of course, you can use these devices to identify your mistakes. However, it is better to try to fix these by yourself. Upon taking the GED exam, you cannot use these spelling and grammar-checking devices, so it is advisable to learn how to write your essays without this kind of help.

3/ Practice a lot. You should find a few essay subjects and practice a lot. If you want, you can ask a friend or family member to help you. Find some articles in various magazines and write about them in a short essay-style way. Use points of argument against and in favor of the author’s standpoint. You can also ask people around you to bring up suggestions for essay topics.

A good way to become a good essay writer is to produce essays about different issues, especially topics that are not your favorite or that make you feel uncomfortable. An easy route does not exist. It is a good idea to ask a friend to look into your work critically, analyze it, and come up with some advice on how to improve it, and don’t forget to take multiple practice tests!

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Last Updated on December 20, 2023.