Can I listen to music while taking my GED exam online?

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The four GED subtests can now also be taken online from the comfort of your home. You can take the four subject tests one at a time, and the online exam is available in English and Spanish.

Your test-taking activities will be closely and securely monitored by an online proctor. This guarantees that everything will happen in line with some pretty strict regulations.

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Listening to music during your tests is not only bad for your concentration, but it is not allowed as well! We often get the question of whether listing to music is allowed during the GED test, but we don’t quite understand why you would do that.

The GED exam is a fully computer-based, very challenging exam that requires all of your attention. The passing score (145 on each subtest) is set at such a level that some 40% of high school grads would not be able to pass the tests on their first try!

To qualify for taking the GED exam online, you’ll first have to take the GED Ready practice test and reach scores in the “Green” (likely to pass) zone for each of the subject tests. So this score is required for EACH of the four GED subtests.

You must have a computer (desktop or laptop) with a webcam and your internet connection must be secure and reliable. Make sure you’ll run a system test so you will be sure your computer is meeting the requirements.

The room where you want to take the online test must have four walls, doors that can be closed, and free from any distraction, including music! Bear also in mind that your GED Ready scores cannot be older than 60 days!

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