Who do you talk to about getting your GED at home?

When you think about taking the GED exam from the comfort of your home, it is important you understand the requirements to qualify for online testing. You need to meet your state’s requirements, score in the “likely to pass” (green) zone on the official GED Ready® practice test, have a computer with a webcam, and … Read more

My GED tests are scheduled. Do I still have to go to class?

We often are asked if attending class is still required when students have already registered and paid for the GED tests. Well, this all depends on your state. There are states that require GED test-takers to complete a prep course before they’re allowed to sit for the tests but in most states, you don’t have … Read more

What supplies Do I Need For GED classes?

If you plan to attend a GED prep class, you should have some supplies at hand, such as a notebook, pencils, and perhaps a GED review book, to be able to attend the class successfully. On the GED Math test, in section two, you can use a calculator, the TI-30XS. On the test, there will … Read more

Can you sign me up for the GED classes?

No, you need to do that yourself. When you choose a facility that offers GED® or HiSET® classes, you will be able to sign up yourself. Finding a class is easy; go to: GED and HiSET Classes Near Me  Find contact details and get in touch with the school. Other options: Choose online GED classes. … Read more

Are GED classes free?

Most GED® classes are available free of charge, though some states require schools to charge a fee, and there are also paid GED classes. To be sure, please contact the particular school and get all the details. You can find all the GED prep facilities classes near you here: https://gedeno.com/classes-near-you/ or here: https://gedeno.com/ged-test-by-state/

Math Formulas

The GED® Mathematical Reasoning subtest contains a formula sheet, which displays formulas relating to geometric measurement and certain algebra concepts. Formulas are provided to test-takers so that they may focus on application, rather than the memorization, of formulas. You can find these formulas here: https://gedeno.com/math-formulas-for-the-ged-exam/

How to stay motivated

Your motivation to keep learning is really important, we have created 3 steps motivation program. Step one: Set your goal and make it real Step two: Set your mind on your goal Step three: Take small steps, quickly Check also this article for more tips on staying motivated and preparing for the GED® test quickly.