Must you have a GED to work in a veterinarian office in GA?

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In Georgia, there are currently no minimum educational requirements if you want to start working in a veterinarian’s office as an assistant. Most employers, however, still prefer that veterinary assistants have at least a high school or GED diploma.

So, though it’s not required by the state, you will have a far better shot at securing a job as a vet’s assistant if you hold a secondary education degree.

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Some high schools offer introductory classes to familiarize students with the basics of working as a veterinary assistant. At the college level, there are a number of educational options available.

Holding a high school diploma or a GED is required to attend these credit-bearing courses. Certificate or degree programs are offered, usually in combination with on-the-job training or through externships or internships.

Community colleges that offer veterinarian assistant programs must be accredited by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). They can offer 2-year associate’s degree programs, and an increasing number of colleges and universities provide 4-year BSc (bachelor of Science) programs for students seeking additional education.

For all of these programs, however, work experience is required. In Georgia, veterinary assistants are not required to be certified as Approved Veterinary Assistant (AVA), but holding an AVA will definitely accelerate your job prospects and income potential.