HiSET Science Practice Test

The HiSET® Science subtest includes questions about Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Science Practices.

This page offers you many HiSET Science practice tests that will prove to be a great help for getting started with your HiSET or GED Science preparation.

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Since the HiSET and GED® exams come with similar content, you can use these practice tests very well to get all set for the HiSET exam.

The HiSET Science test can, in most states, be completed on a computer or on paper.

There are 50 Science multiple-choice questions that must be finished within 80 minutes.

To learn what you know, take a HiSET Science practice test and find out what areas need your most attention.

Taking practice tests is a great way to identify your strong and weak knowledge fields so you won’t have to waste your time on the subject fields you already command.

To check your Science knowledge, try our free HiSET practice tests

 HiSET Science Practice Tests

 HiSET Science Practice Tests Part 2

So to earn your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma via the HiSET exam, you must understand all about the Science portion of the HiSET exam, and that’s why we developed these practice tests.

How Is The HiSET Science Subtest Structured?

Life Science 49%
Physical Science 28%
Earth Science 23%


Life Science – This large section covers the fields of anatomy and biology. You need to understand how the human body operates and how our environment is structured.

Questions cover topics like the Human Body & Health; Life Functions & Energy; the Structure, Functions, and Organization of Life; and Evolution, Genetics, and Heredity. This Biology.

Physical Science – This section addresses Physics & Chemistry. The covered fields are Conservation, Flow, and Transformation of Energy; Motion, Force, and Work; Chemical Properties and Chemical/Nuclear Reactions and the relation of these reactions to Living Organisms and Systems.

Earth Science – This section deals with Earth and how its System Components are interacting with living objects and the Organization and Structure of the Cosmos. You may come across some unknown Science terms, but usually, you’ll be able to understand what they mean.

These Science practice tests will teach you how to best answer questions like “What’s the speed of light in miles/second” or “What is the largest planet in our solar system.”

The passing score on the HiSET Science subtest is, just as on the other four sections, 8 out of 20 points. To pass the HiSET exam, your total score needs to be at least 45 out of 100, and your essay cannot have a score of less than 2.

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The HiSET exam measures knowledge and skills at a level that is comparable to what high school seniors must know upon graduation.

We also offer some pretty smart testing strategies. If you know how to apply the right strategies, your chances of passing the HiSET subtests will increase considerably, and your scores will increase as well.

Use our HiSET video lessons to learn how to guess intelligently, how to use time-management strategies, and how to best review your writing. Using these lessons will get you all set for the HiSET exam efficiently.

Last Updated on February 14, 2024.