Improper Fractions And The GED Calculator (TI-30XS)

Sometimes, on the GED Math test, we will need to deal with improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Let’s see how to use your GED calculator (TI-30XS) to solve these types of math problems.


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Here is our practice question.

Add the numbers, and express your answer as a mixed fraction.

3 and two-fifths plus two and six-sevenths.

To type the mixed number, we need to use the option that says U and n over d.

This symbol is in green color and it is placed above the fraction key.

Similar to other symbols that are in green color, the U and n over d option need to be activated by first pressing the 2nd key.

So, let’s get started.

We need to type our first number, 3 and two-fifths.

Click the second key, then press the fraction key. You have activated the mixed number template.

On the screen, you will see 3 empty boxes, 1 big, and 2 smaller.

When you type 3, the big box will change to number three.

Now, press the right arrow to indicate the top box and type 2. The top box will change to number 2.

Press the arrow down symbol to point to the lower box, then type 5 and press enter.

It’s important that you press enter. It indicates the end of editing this fraction.

Now our screen shows a mixed number: 3 and two-fifths.

So, that’s good. Let’s keep moving.

Because we are calculating this fraction problem.

3 and two-fifths plus two and six-sevenths.

We need to punch the plus key for addition.

And now we need to type the second mixed number.

So, again press the second key, then press the fraction key.

Once again, you will see 3 empty boxes, 1 big and 2 smaller.

Press 2, then use the right arrow and navigate to the top box and type 6.

Now, press the arrow down key to navigate to the lower box and type 7.

Punch enter, to indicate the end of editing this fraction.

The calculator immediately shows us the result.

3 and two-fifths plus two and six-seventh equals 219 over 35.

It’s an improper fraction and we need to convert it to a mixed number.

To do so, we press 2nd again and we choose the button with this symbol.

To confirm, press enter, and here is our result: 6 and 9 over 35.

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So this was our lesson about fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers and how to use the Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2024.