GED Classes Kalispell, Montana

This page lets you discover all GED and HiSET prep locations and testing sites in the Kalispell area. In Montana, adult learners wishing to earn their High School Equivalency (HSE) diplomas must pass the GED or HiSET exam.

The HiSET® and GED® exams can be taken online and at state-approved Montana testing centers.

Online GED Classes

A simple and easy way of getting your GED diploma.

Learn fast, stay motivated, and pass your GED quickly.

The assessments offer adults who left high school prematurely the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

The HiSET® comes with five subtests in

  • Language Reading
  • Language Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

The GED has four subject tests because the sections of reading and writing were combined into one “Reasoning through Language Arts” Test.

HiSET and GED testing occurs at a level similar to what HS seniors are expected to command upon graduation.

The five HiSET or four GED subtests can be taken one at a time and in any order.

The HiSET is offered on a computer or in a paper-based format, while the GED test is fully computer-based.

In the past, the GED and HiSET subtests had to be taken at a state-recognized testing site, as online HiSET testing was not possible.

Recent developments, however, have changed that with the launch of the online GED and HiSET exams. Learn more below.

Go to  “The Montana GED Exam” if you want to read more about qualification requirements in Montana, passing scores, or fees.

Kalispell GED Prep Classes

Flathead Valley Community College HSE Program
777 Grandview Dr – Kalispell – MT 59901 – Ph: (406) 756-3884
Flathead Valley Community College is offering HSE (High School Equivalency) education in the following locations (please call the school for details):

  • Kalispell
  • Bigfork
  • Eureka
  • Evergreen
  • Hungry Horse
  • Libby

MSU Northern EOC (Educational Opportunity Center)-Kalispell & Libby (@Flathead Valley CC)
777 Grandview Dr – LRC-141 – Kalispell – MT 59901 – Ph: (406) 756-3916
MSU Northern Educational Opportunity Centers offer free help for adult learners wishing to continue their education at the high school and/or college level.

Linderman Education Center
124 3rd Ave E – Kalispell – MT 59901 – Ph: (406) 751-3990
NOT a GED program, but the Linderman Education Center is an alternative high school that offers the Bridge Academy for students who didn’t complete high school due to personal, social, or financial circumstances.

GED Requirements in Montana

Prep Sites around Kalispell (Cities by Alphabet)

Blackfeet Community College HSE Classes
504 SE Boundary St – Browning – MT 59417 – Ph: (406) 338-5421 (ext. 250)

Browning Public Schools HSE Instruction
129 1st Ave SE – Browning – MT 59417 – Ph: (406) 338-5025 ext. 4711

Flathead Valley Community College-Lincoln County Campus
225 Commerce Way – Libby – MT 59923 – Ph: (406) 756-3884

Missoula Adult Learning Center
310 S Curtis St – Missoula – MT 59801 – Ph: (406) 549-8765
All Missoula area HSE prep sites <- are listed here

Salish Kootenai College
58138 U.S. Hwy 93 – Pablo – MT 59855 – Ph: (406) 275-4774

Kicking Horse Job Corps Center
33091 Mollmann Pass Tr – Ronan – MT 59864 – Ph: (406) 644-2217

GED or HiSET Free Practice Test

Kalispell Area GED Testing Sites

Flathead Valley Community College (Learning Resource Ctr, Room 123-A)
777 Grandview Dr | Kalispell | Montana 59901 | Ph 406-756-3884

Blackfeet Community College
504 SE Boundary St | Browning | Montana 59417 | Ph 406-338-5441

Flathead Valley Community College-Lincoln County Campus
225 Commerce Way | Libby | Montana 59923 | Ph 406-293-2721

Salish Kootenai College HiSET testing
58138 US Hwy 93 | Suite 58 | Pablo | Montana 59855 | Ph 406-275-4868

Online HiSET and GED Testing

In earlier days, sitting for the five HiSET subtests via the Internet was never possible. Recently, though, we’ve witnessed an interesting new development with the launch of an online option, the ‘HiSET-Exam-At-Home.’

For more information about the Online Proctored (OP) GED exam, <- check out this page.

When taking the HiSET exam at home, an online proctor will help you through the testing process and will check if everything is occurring correctly. Go to ‘Launching the online HiSET test’ if you wish to learn more about this great development.

GED Free Online Classes

Why the HSE Exam?

A few years back, Montana’s officials stopped offering the GED exam, the state’s longtime HSE (high school equivalency) examination, to continue with a new testing program.

The HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) works just like the former GED (General Education Development) version. Montana decided to introduce another HSE exam provider after GED Testing Service (a for-profit company consisting of the American Council on Education – ACE – and textbook and assessment developing giant Pearson) decided to double the fee for the computer-based GED exam.

Now, Montana education officials decided to reintroduce the computer-formatted GED test alongside the HiSET exam, which can be written on a computer or on paper.

Passing Scores

On each one of the five HiSET subtests, your score must be in the 8-20 range, your essay result must be no less than 2, and the total score needs to be at least 45. Averaging is no option, so a result of 8 points is minimally required on each of the five modules.

On the GED exam, you must reach at least a 145 score on each of the four modules (independent sub-exams). The scoring scale runs from 100 to 200, where scores 100-144 are below passing; 145-154 high school equivalency; 165-174 college-ready; 175-200 college-ready + credit.

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