Are you a Left or Right Brain Thinker

In general, we can say that left-brained individuals are more adept at analytical thinking, problem-solving, logic, and language. Right-brained individuals are generally better outside-the-box-thinkers, more creative, and more expressive. So do you want to learn which of the two you are?

So left-brained individuals are generally more adept at language, problem-solving, logic, and analytical thinking.

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We also know that right-brained individuals, in general, are more expressive and creative, and able to think better outside the box. So take the quiz and discover is you are a left or a right-brained thinker.

Generally speaking, a person’s thinking process is either left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant. This also implies that not every job or career might be the right one for you.

Careers for Left and Right Brain Thinkers

In general, we can see that left-brain scholastic subject fields concentrate on analysis, logical reasoning, and accuracy.
On the other hand, we see that generally, right-brain subject areas concentrate on creativity, aesthetics, and feeling.

What Type of Thinkers Do You Belong To?

Our human brain is, in fact, a very complex organ that is responsible for senses, behavior, intelligence, and movement.

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There are two halves of our brain, the “left brain”, and the “right-brain”. These two parts are performing very different functions while communicating with each other and exchanging all sorts of information via a band of connecting nerves.

Our brain’s right side is controlling practically all functions and movements of our body’s left side, whereas our brain’s left side directs and controls practically all of our body’s right side functions and movements.

Sometimes you can read or hear about so-called “left-brained” or “right-brained” persons, which refers to the part of the brain an individual is dominated by. Understanding how this works is important when, for example, you are considering whether a job as an EKG technician would be right for you.

This is what we call “brain dominance”, implicating that the person possesses a natural way of processing details and information from one specific part of their brain. The brain’s right side is regarded as the spontaneous or intuitive part, whereas the brain’s left side is considered to be more logical.

During all learning processes, we are using all parts of our brain, there is not such a thing as specific “left brain only” or “right-brain only” processes.

Recognizing and understanding people’s brain dominance may be very helpful if we want to understand their way of thinking, acting, communicating, behaving, and functioning in general. Additionally, it may help teachers and parents develop activities that are tailored to a child’s naturally given learning reference.

Last Updated on June 12, 2022.