Negative vs Subtracting Sign-TI-30XS Calculator

This lesson is part of our free online GED classes, and here, we’ll talk about two signs on the scientific GED calculator TI-30XS, the negative sign and subtraction sign.

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When you look at the lower half of the calculator, you see that there are two keys that contain some sort of negative sign.

One on the bottom row of keys, and another in the last column of keys on the right, just above the plus symbol.

The first of these buttons is the negative sign.

If you want to input a negative number, then this is the key to use.

For example, enter negative 3 by pressing the following button sequence.

The second button is the “subtraction” key. So, if you want to subtract
one number from another number, then you should use this key.

For example, enter 7 minus 5 by pressing the following button sequence.

Let’s check how it works. Let’s solve this problem. What is negative 123 + 42 minus 103? Press this button with the negative sign and then type 123.

Look at the screen; it shows negative 123. So, it’s all good.

Now press plus sign for addition, type 42, and now press the subtraction key. Type 103. Press enter to see the final result. It is negative 184.

1. Find the difference.

\(-83 - 17 + 87 =\)

Question 1 of 3

2. Find the difference.

\(8695 + (-3) - (6290 - 4233)\)

Question 2 of 3

3. Find the difference.

\(-71 - (435 + 124) + 132 =\)

Question 3 of 3


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This lesson is a part of our GED Math Study Guide module.

Errors related to Negative vs Subtracting Signs

Syntax errors are typing errors.

For example, if you want to input negative 3(−3) and use the subtract sign instead of the negation sign, in the end, your calculator displays Syntax Error instead of a result.

Take a look at this task:

If you do it correctly, you get -1 as a result.

However, if you use the subtraction sign (the sign that is located above the plus button) instead of the negation sign, you will get the “Syntax Error” message.

So far, our lesson about the negative and subtraction signs on the scientific calculator GED TI-30XS. This lesson is part of our free online GED classes.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2024.