GED Classes Norfolk, Nebraska

In this post, you can discover all GED test facilities and prep sites in the Norfolk, Nebraska region. The GED exam measures skills and knowledge at a level similar to that of high school grads.

The GED exam can be taken online and at certified Nebraska GED testing facilities.

It provides adults who left high school without a diploma the chance to earn a credential that is equivalent to a standard high school.

The GED® exam is computer-formatted and comes with 4 independent modules (subtests) in

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Math

You may complete the four GED modules separately and in the order you like.

The GED diploma is accepted in the same way as a regular high school diploma by practically all employers and schools in America.

It used to be that the GED exam was administered exclusively at official Nebraska testing sites. Online GED testing was not available.

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But recently, that has all changed with the introduction of an online option to take the GED test. Learn more at the bottom of this post.

Go to “The Nebraska GED Test” if you want to learn all about GED Nebraska eligibility requirements, GED passing scores, or costs.

Norfolk GED Prep Sites

Northeast Community College (Maclay Building – Room 180)
801 E Benjamin Ave – Norfolk – NE 68701 – Phone: (402) 844-7255/7256
For more information, stop by the school’s Adult Education office at the Norfolk Campus (801 E Benjamin Ave – Maclay Bldg – Rm 180). Northeast Community College offers GED instruction in the following locations:

  • Norfolk
  • Madison
  • O’Neill
  • Tyson – Madison and Dakota City
  • South Sioux City (402-241-6415)
  • West Point
  • Wakefield

Immaculata Monastery
300 N 18th St – Norfolk – NE 68701 – Phone: (402) 323-7330 or (402) 371-3438
Basic education and GED classes in Spanish.

GED Requirements in Nebraska

Locations around Norfolk (Cities in Alphabetic Order)

Ainsworth Public Library
445 N Main St – Ainsworth – NE 69210 – Phone: (402) 387-2032/2590
GED classes in the Ainsworth Public Library are sponsored by Northeast Community College.

Central Community College
3020 18th St – Ste 3 – Columbus – NE 68601 – Phone: (402) 562-1432 or (308) 398-7446
All Columbus area GED prep classes <- can be found here

Nebraska Indian Comm. Coll.-Macy (South Campus)
1111 Hwy 75 – Macy – Nebraska 68039 – Ph: (402) 241.5897

Nebraska Indian Comm. Coll.-Niobrara (West Campus)
415 N River Rd – Niobrara – Nebraska 68760  – Ph: (402) 241.5897

Northeast Community College-O’Neill
505 US Hwy 20 – Room 303 – O’Neill – NE 68763 – Phone: (402) 844.7255/7256

West Iowa Tech
4647 Stone Ave | Sioux City | IA 51102 | Ph (712) 274-8733 (ext. 1269)
See more Sioux City area GED prep sites <- here

Nebraska Indian Community College-North Campus GED Instruction
2605 1/2 Dakota Ave | South Sioux City | NE 68776 | Phone (402) 241.5897
More South Sioux City area GED prep facilities <- can be found here

West Point Adult Education Center (Southeast Comm Coll)
202 Anna Stalp Ave – West Point – Nebraska 68788 – Phone: (402) 844.7255/7256

Little Priest Tribal College GED Classes (@The Hawk Building)
503 Chief Little Priest Dr – Winnebago – NE 68071 – Phone: (402) 878-2380 ext. 140
Located behind the Village Market and Dollar General

Nebraska Free GED Online Classes

Norfolk Area GED Testing Centers

Northeast Community College
801 East Benjamin Ave | Norfolk | Nebraska 68701 | Phone (402) 844-7281

From here, cities by alphabet

Columbus Central Comm. Coll. GED Test Center
4500 63rd St | Columbus | Nebraska 68601 | Phone (402) 562-1206

Metropolitan Comm. College GED Testing
829 N 204th St | Elkhorn | Nebraska 68022 | Phone (531) 622-1278

Metropolitan Comm. College GED Testing
35 N Broad St | Fremont | Nebraska 68025 | Phone (531) 622-3000

Yankton Sioux Tribe GED Test Center
110 SE 1st St | Wagner | South Dakota 57380 | Phone (605) 384-3382

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations
3113 Spruce St | Suite 124 | Yankton | SD 57078 | Phone (605) 668-2900

Nebraska Free Practice Test

Online GED Testing Launched

In the past, taking the four GED subtests online was never an option. To get hold of your Nebraska GED degree, you were required to appear personally at one of Nebraska’s official GED testing sites and attain sufficient results on the four GED modules.

But now, we have witnessed a great new development as an online option to deal with the GED exam was introduced. So now, all of that has changed. Check out this informative post: ‘Introducing the online GED test,’ to learn all about this great development.

Who is the GED for?

Nebraska offers the computer-based GED exam, which is developed for adults who don’t have a high school diploma, and the certificate that you are given after completing the Nebraska GED test is recognized as equivalent to a high school diploma by organizations, employers, and universities all over the U.S. GED prep classes are offered at many community colleges, private agencies, and churches at little or no cost.

The GED passing score is 145 on a measuring scale from 100 to 200. The GED exam is quite challenging, and the passing standards are set in such a way that some 40% of HS graduates would not pass on the first try.

The HSE (high school equivalency) degree will definitely result in decently paying job options, and it also opens the doors to colleges. You may also want to take a look at the free practice tests and video lessons for the GED exam that are available at no cost on this website.

The GED – How It Started

The GED program has been around for almost 80 years and started way back in the 1940s. The program was set up to help make sure that returning WW II veterans who left high school to defend the world’s freedom could pick up their education without having to return to high school and become successful in the workforce or by going to college or university and furthering their education.

Many millions of men, and thousands of women, many in their late teens, had gone to war before they finished high school, and the GED program allowed them to acquire a diploma comparable to a standard high school diploma. If there isn’t a way to get these young people to school or work quickly, America could face some major problems.

Educational professionals thus developed a set of examinations that became known as the GED test. If a person passed these tests, he or she had comparable knowledge and skills as a high school student after four years of learning in the sectors of reading, writing, science, social studies, and math.

The GED exam is scored on a scale that goes from 100 to 200. You must reach at least 145 points on each of the four tests, so no less than 580 points in total.

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Last Updated on December 20, 2023.