Online Proctored GED Testing

The online proctoring (O.P.) GED testing method is now standard and an alternative to testing in person at a physical test center. During the online proctored GED® exam, proctoring software monitors your computer’s desktop, webcam video, and audio.

The data recorded by the proctoring software is transferred to a proctoring service for review. Keep reading to get all the details and get prepared for this type of exam.


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Who Can Take the GED Test Online?

Everyone who qualifies for the GED exam can take the GED test online, but there are a few prerequisites. First of all, you need to score in the “green zone” on the GED Ready® Practice Test. Then, you need to take into account all technical requirements.

So, for students to qualify for online GED testing, they are required to have attained a “Likely to Pass” or “Green” score on the GED Ready practice test.

This official GED practice test indicates if a student is likely to pass the GED test or if they need more preparational coursework.

This requirement is new. Students taking the GED test in the physical locations are usually not obliged to have a ‘Green’ GED Ready score.

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Students who have attained scores in the “Green Zone” on the GED Ready test will see Online Proctored (O.P.) registration information when they login to their accounts.

The GED Ready test can be taken online, and qualifying applicants must have attained the minimally required score within the past 60 days. The GED Ready test costs $6.99 per subject and can be purchased by students from their accounts.

Online GED testing is NOT offered in New York State.

Technical Requirements for Taking the Online Proctored GED Test

You have to use a computer (desktop or laptop) with a microphone, a camera, a stable Internet connection, and a quiet, private room.

Mobile devices and tablets cannot be used. To guarantee the transfer of exam data continually, you must maintain a connection speed of at least 500kbps. You are required to make sure your Internet connectivity is stable and secure, and you’re not allowed to close your browser.

When taking the Online Proctored (OP) GED test, you are required to install the GED proctoring software on the computer you use on the exam.

When the OP (Online Proctored) GED exam starts, you’ll be asked to verify your identity. You must take a photo of your face via webcam photo and of your photo ID, and there are more things the software on your computer will have to verify to secure a safe and secure testing environment.

When taking the online GED test, the software will monitor your computer, check any sort of software that’s running, and stream the data of your exam, via the cloud, to the proctoring software. Additionally, the software records audio and video through your webcam.

Check also this video about all the important details of taking the proctored exam:

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How the GED Online Proctored Test Works

At the proctored GED exam, trained proctors supervise the exam using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to protect the integrity of the GED test and enhance the test-taker’s experience.

Only the on-screen calculator (TI-30XS) may be used with Online Proctored tests. A handheld calculator is not allowed.

Students may not take unscheduled breaks during the exam. If they do, the exam results will be invalid. Scheduled breaks (the same as during exams in the testing centers) are allowed.

Students, when checking in, will take a picture of themselves, a picture of their photo ID (government-issued), and pictures of their room and desk.

If everything is approved, test-takers will be able to take a GED subtest under the supervision of a certified proctor via webcam to ensure the security and integrity of the test, and the online GED test is just as long as the regular test.

Online proctoring technology is provided by Pearson VUE. It includes plenty of anti-cheating security features, such as face-recognition technology and browser lockdown. The testing sessions will be monitored by official third-party proctors.

When candidates have successfully checked, they are directed to a page that reads “Ready for launch!’ Then, within ten minutes, they will be greeted by a proctor, and the test can begin when all requirements and conditions are met. The entire process may take a while, so patience is required.

The price of the online proctored exam changed. Online testing used to be some $6 per subject more expensive than traditional testing, but now, most states charge the same for online and on-site testing. Check this post for details: The price varies from state to state.
Online Proctored GED test

Preparation is and remains key to sitting for the GED exam successfully, so use this website’s free online video lessons and practice tests to get all set fast!

What to do if you’re Disconnected

When your connectivity speed drops below 500 kbps, the acceptable threshold, the browser automatically shuts down. When this occurs, you’ll lose your access to the GED test.

Your session will then be automatically reviewed. You cannot reconnect to your test to finish unanswered questions.

When you see the message that your webcam cannot be detected any longer after you’ve started out with your test, this means there’s a drop in Internet connectivity.

Your connection needs to get back to at least the minimally required speed within 30 seconds. If that doesn’t happen, your testing session is over.

If this happens and you’ve been ejected from the test due to disrupted or low Internet connectivity or when your browser was accidentally closed while sitting for the test, you should get in touch with the GED Support Team and ask for assistance.

Traditional GED Testing Stays

GED Testing Service stated they are not saying goodbye to the traditional way of testing at state-designated test centers but that the online proctored test provides an additional testing option.

Taking the GED exam through OnVUE online proctoring offers students lots of conveniences. It allows them to take the four GED subtests securely and with a quite simple check-in method from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces.

When you want to register for a GED prep class, you often will have to take the TABE test (Test of Adult Basic Education) for appropriate placement in a prep class that is in line with your knowledge and skills level.

Why it Matters

Thousands of GED students had passed part of the GED exam and needed to complete only one or two of the four GED subtests to receive their GED diplomas, but completing the four GED subtests became impossible due to the pandemic.

Not holding the credential means they cannot apply for college if they want to continue their academic education, and most jobs today require applicants to hold a secondary credential as well, so they might run into even more difficulty. Currently, employers can choose from many talented people; having a GED diploma is imperative.

In all states that use the GED test, GED Testing Service offers GED hopefuls the chance to sit for the exam through an online proctored GED test, except in New York.

It is a fantastic development for all eligible students looking to earn their GED high school equivalency credentials!

If GED test-takers attain scores in the “College-Ready” or “College-Ready + College Credit” ranges of the GED exam, they may see the requirement to submit SAT or ACT scores waived at an increasing number of colleges and universities.

The proctored online GED test is the same as the one administered in physical test centers. The exam is professionally monitored by a well-trained 3rd-party proctor, and as a result of passing it, you will get the GED diploma.

Last Updated on February 14, 2024.