Onsego And The GED In Canada

Onsego offers online GED classes for Canadians who want to take the GED test in their country. The Canadian GED exam has five independent, modular sub-exams, while the U.S. version includes four separate subtests.

Being well-prepared for the test is vital. GED Testing Service has announced they will discontinue the Canadian GED in 2024! As long as no alternative plan is presented, we will keep our information as it is.

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Just like in the U.S., the GED® exam provides adults who were not able to finish their regular high school education with the opportunity to acquire an education credential that has the same value as a common Canadian high school diploma.

The Onsego website also explains everything students must know and understand to take the Canadian GED exam stress-free, quickly, and successfully. Learn more here.

GED Test in Canada

As said before, in Canada, the GED test includes five separate, modular sub-exams. In the U.S., the subtests of Language Reading and Language Writing were woven into one Language Arts sub-exam, but In Canada, these two subject fields are separate exams.

The five Canadian GED modules assess a candidate’s skills and knowledge in the following academic areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Language Arts Reading
  • Language Arts Writing
  • Social Studies

Candidates who successfully pass the five Canadian GED subtests receive their Canadian High School Equivalency Certificate, a secondary education credential that is equivalent to a regular Canadian high school diploma.

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Onsego informs about the qualifications, requirements, and costs of GED testing in Canadian provinces and territories, which may vary slightly.

GED Cost in Canada

To be able to take the GED test in Canada, applicants must be Canadian residents. Let’s take a look at the price of the GED exam per province or territory:

  • Alberta: the full GED test costs $200 ($40 per GED subtest)
  • Manitoba: the full GED test costs $75 ($15 per GED subtest)
  • New Brunswick: the GED test is free
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: the full GED test costs $30 ($6 per GED subtest)
  • Northwest Territories: the GED test is free
  • Nova Scotia: the GED test is free
  • Nunavut: the full GED test costs $175 ($35 per subtest)
  • Ontario: the full GED test costs $100 ($20 per subtest)
  • Prince Edward Island: the GED test is free
  • Quebec: the full GED test costs $175 ($35 per subtest)
  • Saskatchewan: the full GED test costs $35 ($7 per subtest)
  • Yukon: the full GED test costs $150 ($30 per subtest)

U.S. GED Test vs. Canadian GED Test

The U.S. and Canadian versions of the GED tests are almost the same. There are, however, a few differences. Apart from the fact that the Canadian GED test has five subtests versus four in the U.S., the subtest Social Studies addresses Canadian Government & Civics and Canadian History, whereas the U.S. GED exam covers U.S. Government & Civics and U.S. History.

The other differences are that the Canadian GED test has separate Language Writing and Language Reading sub-exams. The U.S. version has combined these sections into one Reasoning Through Language Arts exam of 150 minutes. The online GED test is not available in Canada.

Both versions assess a candidate’s reading comprehension and analytical and critical thinking skills. They do not measure a candidate’s knowledge of dates and facts.

Online GED Testing in Canada?

GED candidates must take the five Canadian GED sub-exams at one of Canada’s official GED testing facilities. Online GED testing is not available. Usually, the five GED sub-exams are administered over a 2-day period, often starting on a Friday evening to be continued on the following Saturday morning.

The U.S. GED exam is, in most states, given at official, state-designated GED test centers or online in a proctored format. Both Canadian and U.S. GED candidates have the option to sit for one GED module at a time, and they can take the subtests in any order.

Canadian Timed GED Subtests

The Canadian GED subtests are timed tests, and the given time per module is as follows:

  • Mathematics (multiple choice) – 90 minutes
  • Science (Multiple choice) – 80 minutes
  • Language Reading (multiple choice) – 65 minutes
  • Language Writing Part 1 (multiple choice) – 75 minutes and Part 2 (essay writing) – 45 minutes
  • Social Studies (multiple choice) – 70 minutes

GED Passing Score in Canada

The Canadian GED test is published by the same organization that designed the U.S. version of the GED assessment, GED Testing Service, a cooperation between the U.S. publisher PearsonVUE and ACE (the American Council on Education).

To pass the five Canadian GED subtests, candidates are required to attain at least a score of 450 (out of 800) on all five GED subtests. So, the overall score can never be under 2250.

Earning the Canadian GED Certificate will surely result in far better employment options and a better financial future. The GED credential also qualifies the holder for continued study in college or university. Bear in mind, however, that the GED assessment is a very challenging examination and that getting well prepared is absolutely required to be successful on the exam, also in Canada!

Last Updated on November 9, 2023.