Human Organ Systems

An organ system is actually a group of organs working together and providing organisms with a survival advantage.

These are the most complex organizations within our bodies and are the final levels of progression from our body’s cells to our body’s tissues to organs, followed by systems.


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1. There are ... basic human organ systems

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2. Homeostasis is ...

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Video Transcription

Organ systems may work alone or with other organ systems to allow our bodies to maintain homeostasis.

And Homeostasis is an internal, stable environment that enables us (and our body’s cells) to survive.

Our body has tons of work to perform to keep us all alive and running.

Our body’s work is split up among these organ systems, which are sets of organs and tissues working together to carry out specific functions.

All systems in our bodies have organs that take care of a necessary function for life. All human organs are comprised of specific tissue that makes this function possible.

The following are the 11 basic human organ systems:

  1. The Nervous System
  2. The Circulatory System
  3. The Respiratory System
  4. The Digestive System
  5. The Skeletal System
  6. The Muscular System
  7. The Integumentary System
  8. The Endocrine System
  9. The Excretory System
  10. The Reproductive System
  11. The Immune System

All parts of the systems depend on other parts for carrying out tasks that couldn’t be performed by single parts alone.

All individual systems work in conjunction with the other systems for improving the chances of our survival by maintaining a stable internal environment in our bodies.

So again, organ systems are groups of organs that work together and provide organisms with survival advantages. Organ systems are our bodies’ most complex organizations.

Last Updated on February 15, 2024.