You Are A Realistic Type

Realistic Types are down-to-earth and no-nonsense persons. You prefer to solve concrete problems, and you can deal well with the physical world around you.

Whether in your personal or professional life, you are always trying to be the best and experience the best life has to offer.


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You are a strong, caring person… But if someone breaks your trust, you are quick to move on.

You are creative, although not necessarily an artist – your creativity often shows up in more subtle and practical ways.

You always find a way to go around whatever is in the way of your goals. You’re confident that even if you don’t have a direct answer to a problem, you know you’ll find the way to solve it.

Based on your personality potential, we’ve picked out a few different recommendations from new jobs that recently emerged.

Career Suggestions For Realistic Types

High school or GED Diploma

Specialists in Business Operations
Craft Artists
Fine Artists
Umpires & Referees
Veterinary Assistants
Fire Inspectors & Investigators
Correctional Officers
Criminal Investigators & Detectives
Police Officers
Security Guards
Head Cooks & Chefs
Pruners & Tree Trimmers
Animal Trainers
Fitness Trainers
Mail Carriers Postal Service
Plumbers and Fitters
Commercial Pilots
Bus Drivers
Crane and Tower Operators

Higher Education

Construction Managers
Software Developers
Landscape Architects
Food Technologists & Scientists
Biological Scientists
Materials Scientists
Physical Scientists
Biological Technicians
Technicians on Forensic Science
Museum Conservators & Technicians
Exhibit & Set Designers
Scouts & Coaches
Television & audio Camera Operators,
Technologists in Medical & Clinical Laboratories
Athletic Trainers
Sales Engineers
Master’s Degree
Archeologists & Anthropologists
Advisers on Farm & Home Management
Physician Assistants
Health Diagnosing & Treating Practitioners
Gynecologists & Obstetricians
Physicians and Surgeons

More about this type of personality

In general, realistic people are stable, independent, practical, genuine, persistent, and thrifty.

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Realistic personality types typically like to use their eyes and hands for exploring the world around them and to get things done. They like working outdoors to deal with mechanical issues and prefer occupations that include physical activities. and occupations.

Rather than dealing with people, ideas, and data, realistic personality types prefer to work with things. They prefer working with, for example, tools, machines, objects, animals, and plants.

Realistic personality types typically are very confident about using their body (and body language) when interacting with the physical world around them.

They usually have well-developed athletic and mechanical skills; they are often well-coordinated and physically strong. Realistic personality types usually prefer to solve concrete problems through physical activities rather than having to deal with abstract issues.

Realistic personality types are usually very good at handling emergency situations as they like and have the ability to work with physical objects.

They typically can pretty well deal with the physical world around them, as they are practical-minded, highly independent, aggressive, strong, and usually conservative as well.

Frequently, they are not blessed with well-developed communication skills, and they have a tendency to think in absolutes.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2024.