Replacing Variables Plug-In Method With The GED Calculator (TI-30XS)

Replacing Variables Plug-in Method

Some questions ask you to replace two or more variables.

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Then, the plug-in method is more convenient. In this method, you program your TI-30XS, to replace variables and perform operations.

We will use two new buttons to help us with this task.

First, look at this key that says S T O, this key is used to store given values in the memory of the calculator. The second button we will use has a big x and a bunch of smaller letters. This key, in combination with the STO key, assigns a given value to a letter.

Let’s see how it works.
The task says:
evaluate 2x + 5y minus z.
At x = 3, y = 13, z= negative 6.

Is it Option one:  182? Or Option two: 77?

First, we want to program our calculator, so it remembers that x = 3, y=13, and z = negative 6. Here is how to do it. Press 3 and now click the S T O key.
Now you need to assign a letter x to 3,

Click this button that has a big x and a bunch of smaller letters.
Look at the screen. It shows the number 3, and the arrow points towards the letter x.
It means that our calculator assigns x to the number 3.

Let’s continue. Type 13 and press the S T O button, to store this number.

Now press this button with the x and a bunch of letters. The first letter, you will see on the screen is x.

Press this button again and you will see a letter y. Press enter to confirm this choice. When you look at the screen, you will see 13 pointing the arrow towards the letter y. That’s good. Now, let repeat the same process, to assign negative 6 to the letter z.

So, we programmed our calculator and now it will replace letters x, y, and z, with 3, 13, and negative 6. Now, it’s time to input our expression. 2x + 5y minus z. Type 2 and then click the key with one big x and a bunch of letters.
The screen shows the letter x next to the number 2.

So, we now have 2x.
Now, type the plus sign for addition and press 5.

Press the button with x and a bunch of letters. You will see a letter x, press again and there will be a letter y. Press the subtraction key and press the key with x and a bunch of letters, to input z. You need to press this button 3 times to input z. Your screen should display our expression 2x + 5y minus z.

Press enter for the result. It’s 77.

Our TI-30XS replaced variables with stored numbers and performed the calculation. So, now you know how to use the plug-in method.

This is a very useful method that you can use for evaluation functions and solving linear equations and as well as solving inequalities.

1. Evaluate the expression at the given value of \(x\) and \(y\).

\(-3x - 6y + 3\),

at  \(x = 8\),

\(y = 7\)

Question 1 of 3

2. Evaluate.

\(12x^{2} + \frac{1}{4} y - 6z\)

at  \(x = 2\),

\(y = 8\),

\(z = -7\),

Tip. Make sure, you have input \(\frac{1}{4} y\) correctly.

Question 2 of 3

3. Evaluate.

\(3x + 12y\),

at \(x = -7\).

\(y = \frac{3}{4} \).

Question 3 of 3


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Last Updated on February 14, 2024.