Calculating Square Roots With The GED Calculator (TI-30XS)

Let’s take a look at how to calculate square roots with the GED Calculator, so the TI-30XS.

The opposite of squaring a number is called finding the square root.
We can use our calculator to find the square roots easily.

Look at the keyboard of your calculator and find the sign that looks like this.

It is above the key that says x to the power of 2. So, to activate the function of finding the square root, first, we need to press the second key.

Now, let’s answer this question: What is the square root of 361?

Option A: 26,
or Option B: 19.

Let’s calculate it.

Press the second key, then press this sign. Now, press 361 and click enter.

Our screen shows that the square root of 361 is 19.

Option B is correct.

So this was our free lesson about calculating square roots and squares of numbers as part of the free TI-30XS Calculator Series of our free online GED classes.

1. What is \(\sqrt{121}\)

Question 1 of 3

2. Compute \(\sqrt{289}\).

Question 2 of 3

3. Compute the exact value of the given expression.

\(\sqrt{3}^{2} + 4^{2}\)

Question 3 of 3


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Last Updated on February 14, 2024.