You Are An Auditory Learner

Analyzing your learning style will contribute to your ability to pass the GED® test.

These days, online GED classes are the most common way of getting ready for the test.

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Some online GED prep courses, though, will be more valuable for you than others.

Based on your responses, it looks like you are an Auditory Learner.

It looks like you learn best when you hear and listen to information. Auditory learners benefit most from listening to video recordings.

When auditory learners take multiple-choice tests, they benefit most when they read the answer options out loud and check if it all sounds right and correct.

For this type of learner, the provided information will have little meaning if it comes in writing. Auditory learners will not benefit unless the information has been heard.

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So keep this in mind when you’re choosing online GED classes and also when you take a GED practice test.

To be able to learn effectively, auditory learners need to hear the information, not just see it.

Auditory learners can absorb and retain information much faster, easier, and better if they hear the information. For them, this works so much better than if they would be reading that same information!

In general, auditory learners will benefit most if they use these techniques:

Instead of reading the provided information from a book, they should listen to recorded texts. That will be more effective than reading.

Ask people around you to understand that when you ‘hear’ the information, you will understand a topic easier, faster, and better.

Read aloud what you’ve jotted down and your summarizing notes.

What’s also very beneficial is recording yourself and listening to your voice speaking the information.

Auditory learners are the 2nd-most common type of GED students. They account for around 30 percent of all GED students. Auditory learners understand and retain information best when they listen to the spoken word.

Your Learning Style And GED Online Classes

Research has shown that students learn in many different ways. We are, in fact, using all our senses when gathering information, but usually, we are using one sense more than other senses when studying.

So when students learn about their preferred study method, they will become better, faster, and more efficient learners. There are three main categories of learning styles, visual (learning best by seeing), auditory (learning best by hearing), and tactile (learning best by touching).

It often happens that students find they do well with more than one learning style. They could, for instance, be equally strong, or almost equally strong, when they use visual and auditory learning styles and techniques.

That’s fine. The main point is that you understand what techniques help you best when learning for the GED exam. If you understand that, you can easily adjust the way that you learn for your GED test or when you take online GED classes.

So if the teaching methods are not complementing your learning style, you should adjust the way you learn to benefit optimally and get ready for the GED test in a way that suits you best.

There are online GED classes that offer lots of video lessons, while other programs simply provide texts on a computer screen. Well, auditory learners benefit far more from listening to spoken words in video lessons than from reading texts on a screen or a book.

For auditory learners, using online GED classes may well be highly beneficial. So don’t miss out on the free help that’s offered on this website. Note, however, that these free lessons only cover part of what you’ll find on the actual GED test.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2024.